JTQ Chocolate Bars - 10 Bars

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Welcome to the Great American Treasure hunt contest!
We have put together an awesome, fun-filled and delicious contest opportunity for you.
We have distributed silver tickets into delicious Johnny’s Treasure Quest gourmet chocolate bars along with a no purchase necessary option to find to enter for free! (see official rules) These will be limited edition chocolate bars and with a limited amount that will be sold throughout the US. The 10 finders of the silver tickets get the opportunity to take part in the “Great American treasure hunt” The grand prize being a real treasure chest filled with $100,000.00 in gold and silver bullion. Each silver ticket holder/contestant will be brought to a location in Michigan’s beautiful upper peninsula. The 10 ticket holder/contestants will be flown in, housed, dined and get to partake in this 7 day 6 night special treasure hunt! Each silver ticket finder can bring one other person with them for assistance and companionship❤️