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1 oz Silver coin 

100 ounce pure silver giveaway on Monday the 15th. 

You received a 🎟️ ticket for every 5 bars you purchased from January 19th 2023-contest end date April 30th 2023.


This was based on a total 3000 bars so there are 600 total 🎟️.
I will be pulling 100 🎟️ tickets. Each ticket has a JTQ number on it and a name.


I plan on going LIVE around sometime between 5-7pm. I’ll let you know a more approximate time on Monday.

* You do not have to be present to win if your ticket is pulled. I will list all winners JTQ numbers after the LIVE. I will try to tag you also but if your your fb name differs from your real name, I can’t tag you. So if I can’t tag you, I will put your first name and the first initial of your last name.

Therefore it is up to you to see if you’ve won or not.
I will tag the entire group here with @everyone after the drawing so everyone will be notified and can check the winners list after the drawing. Please do not fill my inbox asking if you’ve won or not:)
*How to claim your 1 ounce silver coin will be in the instructions after the LIVE.