Official Rules







  • Everyone 18+ anywhere is permitted to register as a participant.
  • All sales are FINAL, but we do understand that sometimes Life Happens. Refund Request MUST be made in writing to within 48 hours of your original purchase to be considered. All sales are final on merch orders & treasure tins with no exceptions. 
  • Johnny’s treasure quest llc. Treasure “buyback” terms: We reserve the right to refuse buying back treasure for any reason. All treasure value is listed, estimated, and priced according to “suggested retail”. Johnnys treasure quest llc will honor the full buyback “suggested retail” value of the stated treasure value only if paid participation is a total of 250 group members or more. If a group does not meet a total of 250 members or more, Johnnys treasure quest llc may offer a “melt” value buyback. The “melt” value is the “spot” price of commodities including gold, silver and other precious metals. The “melt” value is determined by the current ask price of the NY stock exchange at time of buyback and/or market close each day. Melt value is approximately 1/3 of the listed treasure value. 
  • You do not just have to live in Michigan or in the specific region location where the treasure is buried to participate. Although anyone may purchase tickets, they will be limited at our discretion.
  • *(Newly updated 4/28/2021) Unfortunately due to abuse: Participants will  no longer be unearthing physical, real treasure from the ground nor in places where treasure was hidden. Participants will be searching for a physical wooden craft store letter "X" with embedded serial number. Participants must find and present the "X" in person to redeem treasure value. Every "X" has a serial number with a redemption that is associated with the listed treasure value. Each “X” has a GPS tracking device attached to alert us of a potential claimant. 
  • Only paid participants 17 years of age or older of Johnny's treasure quest llc. are able to redeem an "X" and must provide proof of paid transaction. Important announcement. We have changed some rules.
    How the treasure quests work.
    Each treasure quest/hunt will have a minimum and maximum treasure “pot”value and this is all based on a 500 person/ participant attendance. The minimum value will be 20% of the maximum value and increase at the ratio of $10 per ticket purchased. So for example, A specific county will have a $5,000 maximum treasure “pot” value. Johnny’s treasure quest llc will start the “pot” with 20% or $1000. So a minimum of a $1000 treasure “pot” is guaranteed right off the start. Now every participant who purchases a ticket thereafter will increase the treasure pot by $10.00. So if 500 members purchase a ticket, then the maximum $5000 treasure “pot” will be awarded to the finder of the wood X. If 250 people purchase a ticket then $2500 will be added to the $1000 starting “pot” for a total of a $3,500 prize awarded to the finder of the wood X. The prize is determined by the total amount of paid ticket holders at the time when the X is found. 
    Furthermore, there will no longer be restrictions on how many teammates you are allowed to have help you. You can have the whole family and your friends help you but remember the “pot” will only
    Increase when a ticket is purchased. Also, only ticket holders are allowed to be in the private fb group for that specific hunt/quest. 
  • Please be respectful of property and be cautious not to harm the surrounding nature. “X” will always mark the spot.
  • We have attached advanced GPS trackers onto each "X" so we can be made aware that an "X" has been discovered. If you discover the redemption "X", please bring the GPS back to us at the following address:  67310 Vandyke.  Washington township, MI. 48095. JTQ headquarters phone: 248 231.1239 
  • Posting or sharing clues on social media and/or through any other means to a third party is strictly prohibited. Consequences of these said actions will immediately disqualify you from the current and any future adventure quest treasure hunts. Furthermore your ticket will be revoked and any retrieval attempts to acquire the treasure thereafter will be met with legal action. In other words, please DO NOT share any clues for any reason to anyone other then yourself, or your immediate team mates (limited to your immediate family or household).
  • Please do not ruin the adventure for everyone! DO NOT BY ANY MEANS SHARE THE CLUE(S) ON SOCIAL MEDIA OR ANY OTHER PLATFORM VISIBLE TO PUBLIC VIEW. Please protect the privacy of the clue(s) limiting access to yourself as a registered participant and the members of your team only (limited to your immediate household family members). By registering and participating in ANY Johnny's Treasure Quest event you are acknowledging that you have read and fully understand and agree to the liability waiver found on and during your registration. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be immediately and fully served by our legal affiliates. Anyone infringing in our creative and intellectual property will also be addressed by full legal action.
  • By participating in this event, you agree on behalf of yourself and anyone you may choose to include as a Quest Partner and/or (limited to your immediate household family members) with the terms of the mandatory Liability Waiver and Release. 
  • We hold NO responsibility for determining the rightful claimant in the rare event that multiple teams locate it at the same time.
  • In the event that a Quest would need to be rescheduled or canceled before the Quest start date due to unforeseen circumstances of any kind, any pre-paid Quests will be refunded. Once the clues are given - ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule Quests as mandated by governing entities or due to any other unforeseen circumstances, or circumstance outside of our control.
  • We reserve the right to limit the participant number of Quest availability as well as cancel any Quest if the participation number is not sufficent enough. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse ANY participant access for ANY reason
  • We require that every participant in every capacity of a Quest conduct themselves with the highest level of personal integrity and respect to every member of the community and toward all manner of property at all times.
  • We reserve the right to alter a Quest in the event that there is a confidentiality breach of any kind by any participant. Loose lips, sink ships.


Effective 10/10/2020

All sales are FINAL, but we do understand that sometimes Life Happens. Refund Request MUST be made in writing to within 48 hours of your original purchase to be considered. No refunds will be issued after the clue for the quest is released. ALL SALES ARE FINAL on any last minute ticket sales.