JTQ Millionaires Club

Hello! Would you like to become a JTQ millionaires club member!? The fee for a particular drawing is only $4.00. Purchasing a ticket through the link makes you an official “Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires club” member and only of the specific lotto drawing.

Purchasing a ticket secures your spot in the specific lotto drawing of purchase and you are eligible to claim jackpot wins. You acknowledge and agree that any and all jackpot wins will be equally divided with other Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires club members who have also purchased a Power Ball lotto ticket for the specified night and jackpot.

This drawing is hosted by Johnny’s Treasure Quest  Millionaire’s club and all monies collected for this drawing are secured in trust to and by the club representative John Perri. The $4.00 fee includes your lotto ticket and covers the operational and organizational costs, including processing fees, gasoline and other club expenses 

Purchasing a lotto ticket from this link also binds you to the “Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires club” official group document & bylaws. These group documents & bylaws are and have been posted, featured, highlighted and are pinned at the top of the “Johnny’s Treasure Quest Millionaires Club” Facebook group page. The group documents & bylaws are found  inside the Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires facebook group at the link below  

Johnny’s Treasure Quest Millionaires club group page and bylaws found here. Facebook link:

Please join this group below and read the official group documents & bylaws before purchasing a lotto ticket


These official group documents & bylaws exist as a fully acknowledged and agreed upon legal document which outlines all the rules, operations and procedures of the club.  

*Please advise* Playing the lottery and/or Michigan lottery is a game of chance. Even though any and all  lotto tickets purchased are at your consideration and anticipation of winning the lotto jackpot, you fully acknowledge, understand and are aware that your chances of losing are far greater than your chances of winning.