50k Challenge

*NEW! Just announced! 50k chocolate 🍫 Challenge. Well everyone knows that if you find a silver ticket you WIN a 7 day, 6 night stay with us in the porcupine mountains. You and a companion of choice will get a treasure map and experience the adventure of a lifetime searching for $150,000 in real treasure! So we made an extra special fun an exciting way to get everybody involved to participate in a big treasure hunt! 

If we sell just 50,000 chocolate bars from 2/18/23 to contest end date 4/30/23, we will host a special $100,000 statewide treasure hunt for everyone that has purchased a single chocolate bar or more!

There are still 8 silver tickets out there waiting to be found folks! Not only does this 50k challenge increase your chances of finding a silver ticket, each time you purchase a chocolate 🍫 greatly helps achieve our goal of having a $100,000 statewide treasure hunt! 
Questions? Concerns? More info? Please feel free to contact us via email @ info@johnnystreasurequest.com

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