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🏴‍☠️ BEWARE & WARNING! 🏴‍☠️

The journey you are about to embark on is different from others. You and YOU ALONE are in charge of what happens in this adventure. There are possibilities, choices, adventures and consequences. YOU must use all of your diverse skills and much of your enormous intelligence. The wrong decision could end in disaster- But, don't despair. At anytime, YOU can go back and make another choice, alter the path of your journey, and change its result.



X marks the spot real treasure hunts! Every adventure X you find is worth a mystery portion of $10,000 in real pure physical gold or silver bullion!

How does this work?
- Simply select an X from the pull down menu. Each X is numbered 1-100 and listed by the starting location and date of the specific county in that region. Choose any county of desire!

- Each X is a unique boots on the ground adventure. Your adventure may entail a riddle or map that you need to solve in order to find your physical hidden X. It’s so much fun! The riddle and/or map will be sent to you via email or text on the date you select.

🏴‍☠️The real physical X is worth a real portion of physical treasure! 🏴‍☠️

The numbered X you select will be your adventure!
You can select a boots on the ground real life adventure or a virtual one without leaving home! (Virtual hunt details further down)

Each X is a new adventure and each X that is found is redeemable for a mystery portion of $10,000 in real physical metal! Every adventure ends when you find the X and that X equals real physical treasure!

So get ready…get set… and stake your claim! There is $10,000 of real treasure in each divided map section. Each map section consists of the counties where a physical adventure X is waiting to be found.

- Select a county
- Solve your adventure by finding your physical X
- Use the code on your X to redeem your real physical treasure!

* Each X has a special code inscribed on it that belongs only to you. Only you can can claim your treasure. When you enter the special code found on your X into our website, your mystery portion of the $10,000 amount will be revealed and granted only to you. Your real physical precious metal prize will be shipped right to your door!

How does a virtual hunt work?
Well, sort of the same

- Select the virtual hunt option from the pull down menu.
- Select the date that you would like to receive your virtual hunt.
- Select how you would like to receive your virtual hunt. Email or text.

Now since each map section is made of counties, your virtual adventure may entail a picture, set of clues or map that will lead you to a specific person or place in that region.

Example: The July region on the map has 22 counties in that map region. Using the set of clues, picture or map, your virtual adventure will narrow down your solve to only 1 of the 22 Michigan counties and to a specific person or place in that county.
The picture, clues, or map for example may lead you to the Indian Chief Pontiac in Oakland county MI.

Once you have a solve, you can enter it into a special link. Only the correct solve will unlock the prize!
In this example the solve would be Chief Pontiac. Congratulations! Now just like the boots on the ground hunts, you will also get a mystery portion of the $10,000 sent right to your door.


X marks the spot! Your adventure X is available in any available county of choice. This is the hidden X that you will be searching for! 
Every X begins your adventure. Select a numbered X 1-100. Solve the riddle, clues or map and go find your X! Your X will have a special code that when entered into our website will reveal a mystery portion of $10,000! All redeemable in real pure silver or gold bullion! Every X is a new adventure and a new portion of treasure waiting specifically for you! What Want more treasure? Select multiple X’s to grow your treasure hoards!

*Treasure portions will all be different as they are mystery portions of $10,000. Some X’s are worth more than others. One X may be redeemable for a few ounces of precious metal while other may be redeemable for far more. 



Are you ready for an immersive ‘Boots on the Ground’ adventure in select MIichigan counties. These treasure hunts are personalized just for YOU! Available in select months in select Michigan regions. The proxy item adventure X will be hidden in a family friendly spot on public access land, once you complete the solve & find your X you can redeem it via our online portal to receive the mystery portion of up to a $10,000 treasure amount from your coded X sent right to your door! Only you can redeem your treasure to ensure the integrity & safety of your adventure!

Or you can choose our BRAND NEW Virtual Hunt option where you can participate in an online trivia based clue solvable & redeemable online. YES we can include your wooden X that we would use for your hunt in an BOTG hunt with your prize so you’ll have the entire commemorative experience for your adventure!



You will select which type of clue you would like to receive!

Choose from :

- Written Riddle

- Picture Clue

- Treasure Map



You can also suggest a difficulty level but we make no guarantees since difficulty & knowledge is relative to one’s perspective. We don’t know what we don’t know, we also don’t know what you do & don’t know. But we will try our best.


Add a themed handmade commemorative custom scroll for $29.99 (optional add on)


Virtual Hunt clues will come with a link to enter your solve to unlock & redeem your treasure! We will include a commemorative X with your prize redemption shipped right to your door. All virtual hunts will have a person or place as the answer to the solve. All virtual hunts will have a virtual solve specific to the dates & region selected. Example: The July region consists of 22 counties. The solve will be narrowed down to a specific person or place in only 1 of the those 22 counties. 

Boots on the ground Hunts will have the actual proxy adventure X hidden in the county selected, you will then utilize the code from the X to redeem your treasure on JohnnysTreasureQuest.com





Each month we will be releasing up to $10k in treasure hunts! Prizes will vary.🪙



Submit your video plea of surrender to info@johnnystreasurequest.com to unlock your prize! By submitting your video you grant permission to Johnnys Treasure Quest to use photographs and/or video in publications, news releases, online, and in other communications related to the mission of JTQ.



Johnny's Treasure Quest creates information-based treasure hunts (the “Quest”) which is a sill based challenge that may test a person’s physical and mental abilities. Participation in the activity carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The risks include, but are not limited to, those caused by terrain, street conditions, temperature, weather, physical condition of participants, vehicular traffic, actions of other people including, but not limited to, participants, volunteers, and/or producers of the event. Participants assume all of the risks of participating in Treasure Hunt events, and assert that participation is voluntary. Additionally, liability may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the persons or entities being released or because of their possible liability without fault. IN CONSIDERATION OF being permitted to participate in the Activity, I for myself, my personal representatives and my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby: 1. Release and forever discharge Johnny's Treasure Quest (the “Sponsor”) and its employees, officers, directors, shareholders, affiliates, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (collectively the “Releasees”) of and from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions and causes of action (collectively the “Claims”) in respect of death, injury, loss or damage to myself or property however caused, arising out of my participation and/or involvement in the Activity, and notwithstanding that any Claim may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of Sponsor, or any of the Releasees. 2. Agree that in the event that any provision of this Release and Indemnity is held to be invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity or unenforceability of such provision will not affect the remaining provisions of this Release and Indemnity which shall continue to be enforceable. 3. Agree that this Liability Waiver and Release shall be construed broadly to provide a release and waiver to the maximum extent permissible under applicable law. 4. Confirm that I have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand its contents. If I am under 18 years of age at the time of registration, my parent or legal guardian has completely reviewed this Waiver and Release, understands and consents to its terms, and authorizes my participation in the Activity. 5. Confirm that I have carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand its contents. I am above 18 years of age at the time of registration, mentally and physically capable of participation as determined by a qualified healthcare professional and I have completely reviewed this Waiver and Release, understands and consents to its terms in their entirety, and voluntarily authorize my participation in the Activity. I hereby certify that I have read, understand and agree to be bound by this document. Additionally, I certify that each member of my team is aware of this Waiver and Release, has read and agreed to it before participating in Activity.

By participating in this event, I fully and completely agree with the terms of this Liability Waiver & Release.


Refund Policy:

All sales are FINAL, but we do understand that sometimes Life Happens. Refund Request MUST be made in writing to info@johnnystreasurequest.com within 48 hours of your original purchase to be considered Johnny's Treasure Quest, LLC.


Johnny's Treasure Quest

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Purchasing a ticket secures your spot in the specific lotto drawing of purchase and you are eligible to claim jackpot wins. You acknowledge and agree that any and all jackpot wins will be equally divided with other Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires club members who have also purchased a Power Ball lotto ticket for the specified night and jackpot.
This drawing is hosted by Johnny’s Treasure Quest  Millionaire’s club and all monies collected for this drawing are secured in trust to and by the club representative John Perri. The $4.00 fee includes your lotto ticket and covers the operational and organizational costs, including processing fees, gasoline and other club expenses 
Purchasing a lotto ticket from this link also binds you to the “Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires club” official group document & bylaws. These group documents & bylaws are and have been posted, featured, highlighted and are pinned at the top of the “Johnny’s Treasure Quest Millionaires Club” Facebook group page. The group documents & bylaws are found  inside the Johnny’s treasure quest millionaires facebook group at the link below  
Johnny’s Treasure Quest Millionaires club group page and bylaws found here. Facebook link:
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